Class Levels for Children

Swim Thru Life


Monthly Fee
The monthly fee based on 1 lesson per week is $99. (Babies 3-6 months old receive FREE lessons in WB1 level!) Families with children attending more than one lesson per week will receive a 15% discount on any additional monthly class scheduled.
Multiple Child Families
Families with three or more children attending lessons will receive a 15% discount on these classes.
Walk-In Lesson
$30 per lesson
Initial Registration Fee / Annual Administrative Fee
Initial Registration Fee - $32 per booking
(Includes TDSS swim bag, car magnet and swim cap)
This fee applies to new families and is a per swimmer fee.
Annual Administrative Fee - $28 per booking
(Includes various promo items)
This fee will be applied annually on the date of the initial registration fee and is a per swimmer fee.
Private Lesson
$70 per lesson
(30 minutes in duration) Private lessons are booked based on availability. A maximum seven day reservation time is required with payment given in advance. Private lessons are not included in the multiple lesson discount and adhere to the same, no makeup or refund, policy as the monthly lessons.

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