4 Reasons to Sign Up for the Summer Skill Builder Clinics

We have a long list of reasons we’re excited about this summer. But if we have to pick favorites, our Summer Skill Builder Clinics are hard to beat.

Every summer, Tom Dolan Swim School offers week-long swimming clinics that give students a chance to advance their skills in a fun and supportive environment. Summer Skill Builder Clinics run from June 18 to August 24, so there’s still time to register. Here are four great reasons to sign up this year:

1. They pack a lot of learning into a few days.

Each clinic is five days long, starting on Monday and finishing on Friday. Students have a 30-minute lesson with the same instructor every day, which provides consistency and continuity as they learn. At the end of the clinic, kids feel more comfortable in the water and more confident in their swimming abilities (and they may have made a few new friends in the process).


 2. They help students of all levels.

Summer Skill Builder Clinics meet swimmers wherever they are in their Swim Thru Life journey, whether they’re just starting to put their faces in the water or honing their freestyle stroke.

For new students who haven’t taken classes with us before, clinics are the perfect introduction to our school and instructors. Each daily lesson follows the same structured framework and curriculum of our regular weekly lessons. For continuing students, clinics are an opportunity to build on what they’ve already learned and practice skills that need a little extra attention.


 3. They are affordable.

Clinics are a great deal! They require no registration fee, and the final price includes five lessons for the price of four.


4. They help beat the heat.

During the dog days of summer, playing a game or a sport outside doesn’t have much appeal. But neither does a house full of restless, cranky kids. Clinics give relief to parents and children alike on hot summer days. Our facility lets adults relax in an air-conditioned room while kids cool down in the water and swim off their excess energy. It’s a win-win!

Register online for our Summer Skill Builder Clinics. Or sign up by phone – (703) 433-2020 – or email – infod28@tomdolanswimschool.com.