5 Smart Tips for National Water Safety Month

Summer is almost here – and we hope you plan to spend all your spare time in your swimsuit. But before you head to the pool or the coast, make sure that everyone in your family knows how to play safely in the water.

May is National Water Safety Month, and to honor this important campaign, we are sharing five simple tips to make swimming both safe and fun.

1. Build your swimming skills.

We can’t say it enough: swim lessons save lives! Make it your mission to help everyone in your family learn to swim confidently. Start early, and your little ones will grow up feeling comfortable and capable in the water. We even offer free classes for babies 3 to 6 months old. But it’s never too late for older kids and adults to become excellent swimmers. Tom Dolan Swim School offers swim classes for all levels and ages.

2. Take shifts as “water watchers.”

Children should always have adult supervision when they’re in or near the water. But just because there are a lot of adults around, don’t assume that they’re paying attention to swimmers. A pool party or a day at the beach is full of distractions. Take turns acting as “water watchers” for the little ones – doing head counts and checking in verbally with those in the pool – so someone is always alert and on duty.

3. Be prepared at the pool.

Keep rescue and emergency supplies close at hand: a first aid kit, a charged phone and emergency contact info, plus rope, a pole or a ring buoy to help someone in distress. Take a CPR class, and keep a list of laminated written instructions on the pool deck.

4. Quiz your kids.

Get kids actively involved in making and enforcing swimming rules. Make it into a game to see who can remember all the safety tips. Do they know how to call out unsafe behavior? Do they know what to do in an emergency? Practice making water safety second nature.

5. Get in the water together.

Enjoy time in the water as a family at one of Tom Dolan Swim School’s special events. This month, check out one of our fun activities:

Where is our safe swimmer hiding?

Monday, 05/14/2018 – Sunday, 05/20/2018, all day

Join the hunt: find our safe swimmer in the building for a chance to win a prize!

FREE Open House

Friday, May 18, 6-8 p.m.

Meet Tom and the TDSS staff at our free open house event. Kids can play games, swim races, do crafts and get their faces painted. And they’ll even have a chance to try on Tom’s Olympic Gold and Silver medals!

Learn more about events at Tom Dolan Swim School.