5 Water Safety Tips for National Bath Safety Month

We are all about water safety at Tom Dolan Swim School. One of the main reasons all people should learn how to swim is to keep themselves – and their loved ones – safe around water.

A Scripps Howard News Service study of a five-year period found a sobering statistic: an average of 335 people each year were reported to have drowned in a bathtub, hot tub or spa. And while infants, very young children and elderly people are at risk, more than half of tub-related deaths were among able-bodied people between the ages of 5 and 64.

Knowing how to be safe around water, whether it’s a bathtub or a swimming pool, is the most crucial life skill we teach at our school. January is National Bath Safety Month, and to recognize this important cause, we are sharing five ways to keep bath time safe and enjoyable.

Stay close.

Always keep an eye on babies and children in the bath. Children can drown in even an inch or two of water, according to American Academy of Pediatrics. Pay attention to your little ones at all times near water.

Check the temp.

Minimize the risk of scalding by waiting until the tub is finished filling up before placing your child in the water. Test the temperature first with your hand, as it can change rapidly. Consider attaching an anti-scald device to the bathtub faucet or lowering the temperature of your home’s water heater to a maximum of 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Protect against slips.

Bathtubs are slippery, especially for small children who need help getting in and out. Put a slip-resistant bath mat at the bottom of the tub and a heavy-duty rug outside the bath. For extra slip protection, install safety handles along the side of the tub.

Childproof the bathroom.

Keep hazardous items, like razors, scissors, medications and chemicals – stored safely out of reach of children. If you have babies or toddlers in the house, affix covers to all electrical outlets.

Register for swim lessons.

Give your children a gift that lasts a lifetime: sign them up for swim lessons! Make sure everyone in your household learns water safety and swimming fundamentals. At Tom Dolan Swim School, we even offer free classes for babies 3 to 6 months old.

Learn more about our swim classes, and register online.