5 Winter Pool Party Ideas

Children born in winter months often miss out on the chance to throw a pool party for their birthdays (at least in this hemisphere). But even if the temperature dips below zero and there’s snow in the forecast, you can schedule a pool party all year long at Tom Dolan Swim School!

Our indoor, climate-controlled facility is a warm oasis for kids and their parents during chilly winter months. It’s the ideal spot to throw a birthday party for your water-loving winter baby. Get inspired by one of these creative party themes:

  1. Tropical Winter Wonderland

Combine the best parts of a tropical beach luau and the North Pole. Use a wild mix of decorations in the party room: snowmen, palm trees, snowflakes, beach umbrellas, reindeer and surfboards. Serve holiday cookies and drinks adorned with colorful paper umbrellas.

  1. At the Movies

Build the party around your child’s favorite movie – whether it’s set underwater or in the snow. Some favorites include: Moana, Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid, The Grinch, Ice Age and Happy Feet. Use paper plates, napkins and decorations featuring the movie’s main characters. Serve popcorn and other snacks in classic red-and-white striped buckets, and make “Hollywood Walk of Fame” place cards with each guest’s name written on a gold paper star.    

  1. Baby Shark

You’ve probably heard the “Baby Shark” song a few hundred times, but if it’s still popular in your household, embrace it. Order a shark-themed birthday cake, and go crazy with the shark fin decorations – from party hats to balloons. Set up a “Pin the fin on the shark” game in the party room (and of course, play the song while you play).

How to Throw a Winter Pool Party at TDSS

Party time slots are available at Tom Dolan Swim School every Friday evening from 5 to 7 p.m. The price for a party of up to 20 children is $395; we can accommodate a maximum of 25 children for an additional $10 per child.

Your party reservation includes:

  • Access to our entire 10,000 square foot facility: our party room and three pools (that stay at a balmy 89 to 91 degrees)
  • One hour in the pools and one hour in the party room
  • Three TDSS staff members who lead fun games and activities in the pool
  • Tables, chairs and tablecloths in the party room
  • Party favors for every guest (a balloon, a gold medal certificate and a balloon)
  • A TDSS T-shirt and gold medal for the birthday girl or boy

Interested in hosting a pool party at Tom Dolan Swim School? Contact us for more information!