Payment is due on the first business day of the month, by direct debit with either a credit card or bank account. You will only pay for the number of lessons you are scheduled to have in the upcoming month. The monthly bill may be lower if one of your lessons is canceled due to planned holiday closure. Sometimes the monthly bill may be slightly higher if there are five lessons in a month, for example, there are five Saturdays and Sundays with scheduled lessons in January 2021. Fees are as follows:

Lesson Fee

1 lesson per week is $28.

2 lessons per week are $51.80. (15% discount)

(2 or more lessons per week receive a 15% discount beginning with the second lesson.)

(Babies 3-5 months old receive FREE lessons in WB1 level!)

We are happy to provide all swimmers with one FREE make-up lesson each month.

Multiple Child Families

1st  student - $28 per lesson

2nd student - $26.60 per lesson (5% discount)

3rd student - $23.80 per lesson (15% discount)

4th student - $22.40 per lesson (20% discount)

Walk-In Lesson

$28 per lesson for currently enrolled students

$31 per lesson for inactive students

Walk-In lessons may be booked within 7 days of desired lesson time based on class availability.

Private Lesson

$70 per lesson (30 minutes in duration)

Private lessons are booked based on availability with payment required at the time of booking. Private lessons are not included in the multiple lesson discount.

(There is no makeup credit or refund for private lessons, walk-in lessons or camp classes.)

Initial Registration Fee

Initial Registration Fee - $32 per booking (Includes TDSS welcome pack.)
This fee applies to new families and is a per swimmer fee.

Upon initial sign-up, each child will receive a TDSS welcome pack.

There is no ongoing registration fee.


All class withdrawal requests must be received no later than the 15th day of the month prior to the month you wish to withdraw from classes.

Failure to provide a working credit card within 3 days after the due date will result in a $10 handling fee per swimmer for each declined payment transaction. Please be aware that your account must be paid in full prior to your next lesson.

Fees will be charged on the 1st of the month and will be based on how many weekly lessons will occur that month.  Lessons missed due to the facility being closed for public holidays are taken into account.

For further information about our individual programs and fees please contact our Front Desk staff.

Make-Up Lessons

We are happy to provide all swimmers with one FREE make-up lesson each month*. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee the same instructor from your monthly lessons, but our new free make-ups will help your little swimmer continue to progress and retain that important muscle memory they are learning from our structured curriculum.

*NOTE: We do not offer make-ups for private lessons, camps or walk-in lessons. Make-up lessons may be booked within 7 days of desired lesson time based on availability. Unused makeup lessons expire after 6 months. Make-up lessons have no cash value and may not be used toward tuition. Make-up lessons are approved at our sole discretion.