Our Story

Tom Dolan's school for learning to swim may have officially opened on February 1, 2012, but the story began in 1980 when Tom Dolan started swimming.

Tom-Dolan-OlympicsTom enjoyed tremendous success in the pool and had the wonderful opportunity to travel and compete around the world. This also provided him with a unique perspective to be able to see how important learning to swim is for kids worldwide.

Tom became a back-to-back Olympic gold medalist in the 400 Individual Medley in Atlanta in 1996 and Sydney in 2000. Tom also won a Silver Medal in the 200 Individual Medley in 2000. Tom held the 400 Individual Medley World Record for nine years. Tom also won two Gold Medals at the World Championships and helped lead his alma mater, the University of Michigan, to an NCAA team title in 1995 while winning nine NCAA titles as a student-athlete. Tom was also a 14-time US National Champion and the face on the cover of Sports Illustrated and the Wheaties box. These accomplishments, along with being inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame, have brought Tom on a whirlwind ride from learning to swim in Arlington, Virginia to be one of the best all-around swimmers in the history of the sport.

When his run at the elite level of swimming was complete, Tom decided to focus his attention on the grassroots, educational side of the sport. His belief was that the US as a whole, and specifically, the Washington, DC region, was without a proper platform on which to teach parents with young kids how and when they should begin to pass along the life skill of learning how to swim.

Tom has been fortunate enough to gain additional swimming knowledge from other learn-to-swim experts around the world. Today, he is excited to use his extensive swimming background to bring you the Tom Dolan Swim School.