Swim Thru Life

girl learning to swim

Tom believes that the school’s tagline, Swim Thru Life, best encapsulates his passion for the sport of swimming in the light that best represents it: a life skill, not just an activity. Swim Thru Life is not about winning races and medals, it is about having the confidence to be a champion in life! Our facility and staff are here to instill the fundamentals, fun, and confidence in an environment maximized for teaching and self-discovery.

Learn To Swim at Tom Dolan Swim School

Water Comfort

Our learn to swim program begins with the Water Comfort levels. These are for babies and children of all ages that need to master the first and most important step to swim thru life: water acclimation and confidence.

Stroke Development

Our second program of levels is Stroke Development. These levels begin to focus on proper head and body position with a strong, consistent kick, and eventually a focus on freestyle and backstroke technique. The final level in the Stroke Development program will introduce breaststroke and butterfly.

Stroke Enhancement

Our third program of levels is Stroke Enhancement. These levels continue to fine tune freestyle and backstroke technique while using drills to break down the elements that make up a technically sound breaststroke and butterfly. As the Stroke Enhancement levels progress, so too does the aerobic base thru proper and efficient swimming.

Adult Swimming Lessons

Our fourth and final program of levels is Adult Swimming. This program includes a beginner and advanced level and will help adults enjoy the benefits of swimming for exercise or competition, as well as introduce those with little to no background to the fundamentals of safety and technique in the water.


Our facilities help promote the Swim Thru Life philosophy by providing family-friendly features such as wide doorways for strollers, plenty of family change rooms, on deck showers, 90-degree pool water and a state of the art filtration system. We have multiple pools that are specifically built with varying shallow depths in order to tailor classes to respective age ranges and skill levels.

In order to promote the Swim Thru Life philosophy of providing our customers with the proper skillset, we also pay specific attention to the distances swum in each level. Tom Dolan grew up as a distance swimmer and, as a result, is more than used to training for hours on end and swimming long distances. While this may be the case for athletes preparing for the Olympic Games, children learning how to swim or enhancing their technique need only swim the distance that they swim technically correct. Muscle memory is an amazing benefit and aide when kids learn how to swim or when we are correcting technical flaws, but that same muscle memory works to a child’s detriment when they are swimming incorrectly. By properly swimming shorter distances, kids will learn faster and ultimately use less energy to go further distances. This is where the knowledge of an Olympic gold medalist comes in handy!

Tom is excited to use his extensive swimming background to bring you the Tom Dolan Swim School.

Come join us at the Tom Dolan Swim School and become part of the next chapter of Tom’s amazing journey!