Why Choose TDSS?

swim school dulles va

Our role at TDSS is to ensure that you and your child are having fun while learning the important safety and technical aspects of the life-saving skill of swimming. We realize you have options when it comes to your children’s activities and, in particular, when choosing where to learn to swim. We also realize that not everyone is fully aware of how the learn-to-swim process works. The owner and CEO of TDSS, Tom Dolan, is an Olympic Gold Medalist and former World Record Holder who has spent endless hours designing the facility and developing the curriculum with the intention of providing you with an exceptional experience.

Where else can you take your kids to learn how to swim from the very best in the world?

What you will love about us…

  • Our school is run by Tom Dolan, an Olympic Gold Medalist, and former World Record Holder
  • Small class sizes – Children learn in groups of 4 or 5
  • Free make-up classes each month
  • Large facility with multiple pools, plenty of room for strollers, family changing areas, and a parent/sibling viewing room
  • Custom built pools specifically designed for learning to swim:
    • Maximum depth of 4 feet
    • Teaching ledges on which children can stand
    • Water temperatures between 89 and 91 degrees
  • Our online registration software is convenient and easy to use:
    • Choose a day and time that fits your schedule
    • Change this day and time at your convenience at no extra charge
    • Track your child’s progress in real time on your phone or computer
  • Deliberate class level advancements – no need to wait until the end of a session or month
  • Ability to request a specific instructor

Come Swim Thru Life With Us!