Build Kids’ Confidence in the Water This Summer

Summertime is officially here, bringing with it heat waves, pool parties and vacation plans. This summer, your children are likely to spend some time in and around the water. Take advantage of this opportunity to help them grow more comfortable, confident and safe in their swimming skills. Here are a few tips to get started:

Be Open About Safety

Staying safe in the water is the most important skill your kids will practice this summer. Talk to them about the need for safety precautions near pools and other bodies of water, and outline specific rules to follow, such as:  

  • Only swimming with adult supervision
  • Walking, not running, on the pool deck
  • Getting in and out of the water carefully and using the handrail
  • Looking around for obstacles (other people, rocks, etc.) before you jump in
  • Wearing a life jacket whenever you’re in a boat
  • No diving in water with unknown depth

Walk Through “If, Then” Scenarios

While discussing water safety, ask your children what they would do in certain situations in the water. Walk through the best actions they could take if they felt unsafe or needed help. For example: What do you do if you find yourself in water deeper than you feel comfortable in? Then you stay calm, turn around and swim back to the side of the pool you came from.

Go Swimming as a Family

Enjoy quality time with your kids in the pool. They’ll love playing games with you and showing off the new skills they’re learning in swim lessons and Summer Skill Builder Clinics. You can also escape the summer heat at one of our school’s regular Family Swim Nights.

Set Fun Goals

Help your kids stretch their swimming muscles by working toward fun and achievable goals each time you’re in the water. You can even make them into a game – “Let’s see how many feet we can swim underwater!” or “Can you swim 10 freestyle strokes correctly in a row?” Make sure you celebrate each small victory and keep building their confidence as swimmers.

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