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    Build Kids’ Confidence in the Water This Summer

    pool safety

    Summertime is officially here, bringing with it heat waves, pool parties and vacation plans. This summer, your children are likely to spend some time in and around the water. Take advantage of this opportunity to help them grow more comfortable, confident and safe in their swimming skills. Here are a few tips to get started:…

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    4 Essential Water Safety Tips from Pediatricians

    Water Safe

    Water safety is our top priority all year round. But as we get deeper into spring and summer, it’s important for parents and educators to be even more aware of risks near water. Let’s celebrate National Water Safety Month by brushing up on practices and precautions that can save a life. In March, the American…

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    Managing Nerves – Yours & Your Child’s – Before Swim Lessons

    swimming lessons

    When you talk to your child about starting swim lessons, what is their general reaction? Are they mostly excited and eager, or are they more unsure and scared? It’s totally normal for new students to get pre-swimming jitters. Sometimes these nerves disappear with the first lesson, and sometimes they take a little longer to wash…

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    Start the Year Strong with Swim Lessons

    swim kids

    Many of us see January as a clean slate – a great opportunity to kick off healthy habits for the coming year. But by February, our enthusiasm often begins to wane… and by March, we’re back to our old ways. This year, get out of the New Year’s resolution rut, and set a different kind…

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    5 Ways to Encourage Your New Swimmer

    mom son swim

    Some new swimmers take to the water immediately, feeling at ease in lessons without much prompting. Other children are fearful or nervous and need more time and support before they become comfortable. If your child falls into the latter category, swim lessons can unfortunately become a battleground. You know that swimming is an important life…

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