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Swim Education

Tips for Swimming When It’s Cold Outside


As temperatures drop in the winter, parents are sometimes tempted to put swim lessons on hold until the warmer spring or summer months. But learning to swim is actually a year-round pursuit. When children take extended breaks from lessons, their technique gets rusty and they need time to regain their confidence and capabilities in the…

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Dos & Don’ts When Your Children Are Learning to Swim

high five

When you register your children for swim lessons, you are introducing them to a fun activity and helping them develop a valuable life skill. You’ve already taken the most important step by signing them up for lessons, and now your job is simply to support them throughout the learning process. The best advice we can…

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What is the Proper Sequence of Learning to Swim? Step 1. Water Comfort

water comfort

At our school, we believe that swimming is so much more than an activity or a sport; it’s an essential life skill. Like any other valuable skill, swimming ability must be developed slowly and steadily. A specific sequence of steps allows students to learn the fundamentals and expand their capabilities over time. The three main…

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