Penguin I

Tom Dolan Swim School Penguin
Our program of levels begins with the Water Comfort levels. These are for babies and children of all ages that need to master the first and most important step to swim thru life: water acclimation and confidence.

  • For children 2 ½ years old to Kindergarten.
  • Children will become comfortable being in the water.
  • Learn basic front and back floats.
  • Learn a front glide and a full submersion.
  • Basic water safety and breath control skills are taught.
  • Learn how to function in a class setting without parents.
  • A maximum of 4 children will be in the water under the direction of a trained teacher.
Promotion requirements:
  1. Front float with single board – proper body position
  2. Front glide
  3. Back float with noodle – proper body position
  4. Full submersion
  5. Ability to function in a class setting

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