How to Get the Most Out of the Customer Portal

We are passionate about helping our students learn how to Swim Thru Life – building fundamental skills, confidence, and fun with every lesson. We love seeing kids grow and thrive as they advance through class levels.

We are also committed to making swim lessons as easy and stress-free as possible for parents. You lead busy lives, so we created an online customer portal as a simple, seamless way to manage everything important from the school.

How to Use the Customer Portal

After you have registered as a user, you can log into the customer portal at any time with your email address and password. Once logged in, you can:

  • Update personal data

Make changes to family or individual student information, such as home address, birth date and emergency contact phone number.

  • Manage billing

Change or add a credit card for accurate monthly billing, or make a direct payment.

  • Review skills and progress

Keep track of how your child is doing in swim lessons. Each student has a separate tab that features instructor notes on accomplishments, skills in progress and class advancements.

  • Enroll in classes

Find the right class for your child. Check availability, compare options and enroll in a class, or re-enroll a former student in a new class.

  • Enroll in Skill Builder Clinics

Sign up for special Skill Builder Clinics throughout the year (back-to-school, spring break and summer) to squeeze in extra practice.

  • Review school policies

Stay in the loop with any changes at Tom Dolan Swim School.

The customer portal is a valuable resource for busy families. Instead of having to remember to call the office during business hours or send an email and wait for a response, you can manage scheduling, billing, and class details online at your convenience.

Need help accessing the customer portal? Get in touch, and our staff will be happy to assist you.