Introducing the Parent/Instructor Check-In

Swim Thru Life is our tagline at Tom Dolan Swim School, but it’s much more than just a clever phrase to us. All of our team members – from the front desk staff to the swim instructors – are dedicated to helping our students master the essential life skill of swimming. Our ultimate goal is to build swimmers’ skills and confidence over time, starting in Water Babies and continuing on up through Tiger Sharks. And we want them to have a ton of fun while doing it!

We’re always looking for ways to build stronger relationships, so we’ve recently started doing Parent/Instructor Check-Ins as part of our lessons.

Here’s how they work:

What are check-ins?

During Parent/Instructor Check-Ins, swim instructors invite parents out onto the pool deck for a casual conversation. Instructors will introduce themselves and give a brief overview of their class. They’ll talk about what the students are learning, and what the normal challenges and milestones are at this level. And parents will have an opportunity to ask questions or bring up concerns about the class curriculum, the customer portal or their child’s progress. Check-ins are designed to be quick, fun and informative.

When do check-ins take place?

Instructors will hold check-ins every other month, during week 2 or week 3 (depending on the class). They will ask parents to join them on the pool deck during the last five minutes of class.

What’s the purpose of check-ins?

We want to build community within the school, and provide a relaxed space for parents and instructors to chat. Check-ins will give parents and instructors a chance to get to know each other better, and make sure all students are learning, thriving and having a great time.

We look forward to seeing you at the next Parent/Instructor check-in!

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