Tom Dolan Swim School Falls Church

The Tom Dolan Swim School’s location in Falls Church is conveniently located near the Arlington border at the Seven Corners Shopping Center. With Safeway and Target next door, it’s easy to fit in errands while you’re in the area!

We provide an ideal swimming environment for all swimmers, whether they are learning swimming skills or working to enhance their stroke technique. The swim school facility features:

  • Multiple pools specifically designed for teaching children how to swim, with maximum depths of 4 feet, custom teaching ledges on which children can stand, and water temperatures between 89 and 91 degrees.
  • Gold Medal retail area for all of your swim accessory needs.
  • Sound absorbing wall panels that cancel out echoes and make for a quiet, soothing environment.
  • Comfortable, air-conditioned viewing rooms for parents to relax and watch the classes.
  • Heated on-deck showers.
  • Facilities that include large, family-friendly change rooms and baby changing tables.
  • Hair Drying stations.
  • Healthy snacks for pre and post-lesson time.
  • Achievement walls showing off our fantastic swimmers of the month, staff awards, and Tom’s Olympic achievements!
  • A bright, happy and healthy environment to enhance learning.  Think children’s learning space joined with the best swimming curriculum brought to you by our Olympic Champion founder.