Should You Make Your Child Take Swim Lessons?

It’s a dilemma we face often as parents: if your child doesn’t want to do something, do you insist, despite the tears or tantrums? Or do you let it go, and vow to try again at a later date?

There’s no simple answer to this problem. Your decision depends on the child, the activity, and the circumstances. But what should you do when it’s not soccer camp or piano classes, but swim lessons that your child wants to quit?

Not all kids take to swimming right away, so this is a problem many parents have to deal with. And while we know it’s hard to bring a crying or complaining child to lessons week after week, we do believe it’s important to persevere.

Here’s why:

Swim lessons save lives.

Learning how to swim is an essential life skill. Swim lessons teach kids how to be safe in the water, and reduce the risk of drowning. As parents, we prioritize our kids’ safety above all else. We make them ride in car seats, wear bike helmets, and look both ways to cross the street, even when they protest. It’s the same idea with swim lessons.

The fun usually wins.

Many kids are scared or unhappy when they first start learning to swim. They’re overwhelmed by the new environment, they’re afraid to get in the water, or they struggle with some of the skills at first. It’s important to be patient and give your child plenty of time to acclimate.

With help and encouragement from our instructors, most children outgrow this phase. They become more comfortable and confident in the water. They make friends in their class, and have fun playing games with them. They shed their apprehension, and start to see how much progress they’ve made. We see this transformation again and again: the child who refused to get in the pool is now happily splashing away.

You have our support.

Everyone at Tom Dolan Swim School is here to help you and your little swimmer. Every child learns differently, and we keep our classes intentionally small to make sure our instructors can give each student personalized attention. If you have questions or concerns about continuing swim lessons, come talk to us. We will work with you to find a solution, and support your child throughout the learning process.

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