Start the Year Strong with Swim Lessons

Many of us see January as a clean slate – a great opportunity to kick off healthy habits for the coming year. But by February, our enthusiasm often begins to wane… and by March, we’re back to our old ways.

This year, get out of the New Year’s resolution rut, and set a different kind of goal. Make a promise to sign your kids up for swim lessons and stick with them the entire year. Swimming is an essential life skill that will benefit your children in the immediate future and for many years to come. Here are just a few ways that swim lessons will bring health, happiness and peace of mind to your family.

Put Safety First

It is incredibly important for kids to learn about water safety at a young age. The more they understand about the risks and rewards of being in the water, the more comfortable and confident they will be as swimmers. Swim lessons make water safety habits second nature for children.

See Huge Growth

You’ll be amazed how much progress new swimmers can make in just one year. Weekly lessons help kids overcome apprehensions, practice basic skills and refine advanced techniques. As they build more knowledge and get to know their teachers and fellow students, swimming becomes a fun activity they look forward to each week.

Get Out Energy

If you have active small children, you know the value of finding activities where they can channel their high energy. Swim lessons are the perfect year-round solution. Whether it’s snowing or 105 degrees outside, kids can swim their hearts out in our climate-controlled facility.

Have Fun as a Family

When everyone in your family is a strong swimmer, you have access to a huge variety of new experiences. Start with one of our Family Swim Nights, and work your way up to a bigger excursion, like a day playing at the beach or a fishing trip on the lake. Celebrate the incredible adventures you can have when you know how to swim.

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