TDSS Awards: August 2017

Congratulations to our Swimmers of the month for August

LOGAN G. (Girl)

ZANE G. (Boy)

The swimmer of the month is a student who has overcome some obstacle to be where they are.  Whether it be having overcome a fear to accomplish a new task, finally mastering that one skill that they have been focusing on, or just finally being able to put forth their best effort.

Congratulations to our Instructor of the month for August


The instructor of the month award is given out to the instructor who has shown the most consistency and/or improvement in the following categories of their teaching:

  1. Accuracy and clarity of teaching to the TDSS curriculum.
  2. Class organization and behavior management to maximize the amount of swimming for each swimmer.
  3. Correct time management of the class to ensure that all steps of the curriculum are timely incorporated into each lesson.
  4. A positive and energetic attitude that reflects the TDSS Swim Thru Life philosophy to enable all swimmers to have fun while learning to swim.