Hi, TDSS Families!

I hope that you are all continuing to stay safe and healthy as we quarantine through this unprecedented time.  I also hope your homeschooling success rate is much better than it is with my family 🙂 If anyone is wondering, it does not go all that well when you attempt to teach a 6,5,3 and 2-year-old at the same time!


Thanks to all of you who have supported the staff and the schools since we closed in March.  We have been blown away by your emails, gift card purchases, and the use of the e-learning platform of videos.  We have had close to 2,000 views of the new e-learning videos during April!  We are excited to roll out the next series of videos, which I will detail later in this note.


The COVID-19 closure has been a challenging time to guide a small business. However, the love, loyalty, and encouragement that you have provided has fueled me and the entire staff to ensure that we reopen and offer an even better swim school experience than we had before COVID-19. For those of you who watched or have read about my swimming career, you know that I thrive when presented with challenges, and although this current business challenge is undoubtedly unique and heartbreaking, I am confident it is one that TDSS will endure.


To that end, the senior staff has been hard at work, adding a whole new series of videos to the e-learning platform.  In the coming days, you will be able to watch this next set of videos with a new focus.  I am particularly proud of this content because it shows the depth in which our staff trains and how our curriculum weaves expert swimming technique knowledge with foundational child development realities.  I hope you enjoy it and find a significant educational value that will continue the Swim Thru Life process until we can safely open our schools for you again.


Here is a brief overview of the next phase of videos:  Each of these videos is conversation-based between two of our senior staff.

  • Class levels through the eyes of the senior staff – The senior staff discuss what they love above each curriculum level, what challenges the students experience, and what inside tips they believe are important to share.
  • Technical Skills Discussion (for each class level) The senior staff discuss the most difficult skills for students to perfect, common technique mistakes seen by staff, and tips they recommend to achieve the correct technique.
  • Student Developmental Skills Discussion (for each level) – The senior staff discusses the most commonly misunderstood and unknown aspect of the curriculum, matching student (child) development with the physical and mental aspects of the curriculum. The topics covered range from why certain strokes and drills are taught before others, to how life skills are included in each class, and what points of focus both students and parents should remember when swimming through each class level.


Thanks again for your loyalty and support, and I hope that you continue to enjoy the e-learning platform.


In case you have not seen it live or on the TDSS website or Facebook page, I started “Tuesdays with Tom” this month, and today we ran a fun, live word search.  A few weeks back, I had a friend and fellow Olympic Gold medalist join me to discuss overcoming adversity and developing the winning mindset of an Olympian.  My kids have joined me on a few of the shows and last week our own Jessica Cook jumped on with me to talk all things TDSS.  Tune in every Tuesday at Noon for some fun, info, and TDSS camaraderie!


We are eager to open the schools back up once we receive word from the State that it is safe to do so.  Until then, we will continue to work hard to provide value in the form of online content.  We miss seeing all of you and can’t wait to jump back in the water!


All the best to you and please keep smiling and know we will get through this together.