Tips for Swimming When It’s Cold Outside

As temperatures drop in the winter, parents are sometimes tempted to put swim lessons on hold until the warmer spring or summer months. But learning to swim is actually a year-round pursuit. When children take extended breaks from lessons, their technique gets rusty and they need time to regain their confidence and capabilities in the water. But when they keep up lessons all year long, they continue to build their skills and cultivate their love of swimming.  And don’t forget, the parental concern of a wet head in the winter exists at home after baths and showers just as it does in any other wet environment.  So, we build our swim schools with you mind!  We have warm water during lessons and warm hair dryers after lessons! 

Here are a few tips for helping your child look forward to swim lessons, even in the dead of winter!

1. Bundle up.

Dress your child warmly to make the transition to and from lessons less difficult. Pack several layers of outerwear, including a hat, scarf and gloves. A fluffy towel or robe, along with cozy slippers or socks, can also help them warm up immediately after getting out of the water.

2. Enjoy the warm water.

The pools at Tom Dolan Swim School are heated to temperatures between 89 and 91 degrees, so the water feels wonderful when it’s freezing outside.

3. Take a shower.

Take a hot shower, followed by moisturizing lotion to prevent dry skin, part of your child’s post-lesson routine. Put their wet swimsuit in the fantastic, TDSS waterproof pouch that is located on the back of the school’s backpack. This ensures that the swimsuit doesn’t soak into dry clothes. Towel-dry hair and put on a hat or use a hairdryer to get the worst of the damp out before venturing outside.

4Use the TDSS hairdryers!

Warming up after swimming in the winter months is no different that bathing or showering your kids at home.  You don’t let them leave the house with wet heads so follow the same routine after swimming.  We have great hairdryers available so please use them before heading back outside.

5. Make time for play.

Winter is tough on parents and kids alike. When it’s too cold to play outside, everyone can get a little restless and irritable. Treat swim lessons and Family Swim events like play dates – that just happen to be in a warm indoor facility. Your child gets the chance to play games, practice and see their friends (and burn off some of that stir-crazy energy!). It’s a win-win.

6. Warm up from the inside out.

Have a warm snack, drink or dinner to look forward after the swim lesson. Make a cup of herbal tea or a bowl of soup when you get home, or surprise your child by splurging on an occasional treat, like a hot chocolate or cookie from their favorite café.

The important thing is to keep swimming, no matter what the weather is like outside. You and your child will be grateful for this decision when summer rolls around again.

Learn more about the year-round swim lessons at Tom Dolan Swim School.