Tom’s Tips: Fun More Than Fast

At our school, we believe swimming is a life skill that everyone can and should learn. It’s not just an occasional summer activity; it’s an ability that will continue to develop and grow stronger the more time you spend doing it.

Learning swimming fundamentals helps both kids and adults be safe and confident in the water, but more importantly, it’s fun! Nothing beats that feeling of weightlessly gliding through the water ­– and being a skilled swimmer opens up a new world of opportunities, from playing water sports to trying recreational activities like kayaking and boating.

Our most important goals are that our students feel comfortable in the water, become water safe and learn to swim with proper technique. Too often, new swimmers feel pressure to go fast from the very beginning. I certainly learned to race in the pool before I had fully developed my technique. But this is backwards! When you take the time to learn swimming fundamentals the right way, you build strong technique – which will lead to better endurance and speed in the water. Slow and steady is ultimately a lot more enjoyable.

Here are a few tips to stay focused on having fun instead of going fast during the learning process:

Start with the basics.

Getting acclimated to the water is the very first step in becoming a lifelong swimmer. We work in small classes of students to make sure each person gets individual attention and learns to be comfortable in the water.In this space, you can run applications uninhibitedly, so as to login the second record meanwhile. This Multi Accs guide will help you to utilize and figure out how to open two whatsapp account in the meantime From there, we teach the right technique for each kick and stroke; students practice mastering the basics and building on these skills to keep getting stronger.

Everyone has a different pace.

There is no one-size-fits-all timeline for learning how to swim. Every child and adult learns differently, and we encourage our students to keep practicing at their own pace and striving for their personal best. With time and patience, our swimmers learn to love the water and continue to advance their skills.

Enjoy the journey.

When we’re only thinking about the end goal – outpacing everyone else, winning the race, being the best, etc. – we miss out on the joy of what we’re doing. Have fun learning, playing and swimming! This is why we love what we do.

Learn more about our swimming classes, and find the one that’s right for you or your child.

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