What is the Proper Sequence of Learning to Swim? Step 3: Stroke Enhancement

This is the third and final blog post in our series discussing the different levels our students go through to learn how to swim properly.

Swim Thru Life is our school’s mantra because we believe swimming is an indispensable life skill everyone must have – one that truly can save lives. And like other important skills, like reading, writing or math, learning to swim takes time and repetition. Your child wouldn’t jump straight into reading novels or solving algebra equations the first day of school. They would start with the basics and build their proficiency over time. Swimming is the same. Students learn the fundamentals and advance their skills through steady, consistent practice.   

At Tom Dolan Swim School, we divide our lessons into three main programs of class levels:

  1. Water Comfort
  2. Stroke Development
  3. Stroke Enhancement

Once students have completed Water Comfort and Stroke Development classes, they move on to the third program of class levels: Stroke Enhancement.

What is Stroke Enhancement?

By the time students are in Stroke Enhancement classes, they have already developed a strong freestyle and backstroke technique and started to learn breaststroke and butterfly. They can now swim farther distances while maintaining correct technique and move efficiently through the water. At the Stroke Enhancement program of levels, students focus on tweaking and perfecting what they’ve learned so far, breaking down the elements that make up each technically sound stroke. And when they’re ready, they learn Tom’s Olympic gold medal-winning individual medley.

Why Is Stroke Enhancement Important?

Swimming is a continuing education process. Accomplished swimmers – even Olympians! – need to keep adjusting and refining their technique so they are always getting better. This is why we believe it’s so important for children to take year-round swimming lessons. They need continuous instruction and practice in order to keep improving. You wouldn’t sign them up for piano lessons only from June to August and expect them to continue progressing. Through year-round Stroke Enhancement classes, students can correct technical mistakes and move toward mastery by progressing into competitive-level drills and skills for all four strokes.

Learn more about our class levels and which one is right for your child.