Why Babies & Parents Love Our Waterbabies Classes

Tom Dolan Swim School offers classes for children of all ages, from babies on up to teenagers. And while there’s no one “right” time to start swim lessons, we find that the general rule is: the earlier, the better!

Our Waterbabies classes are designed to help babies and toddlers feel comfortable in the water at a young age. The classes are structured around play and exploration, giving little ones an age-appropriate introduction to basic water safety and foundational swimming skills. Waterbabies I classes are open to infants who are 3 months to 18 months old, and Waterbabies II classes are for toddlers between 18 months and 2 1/2 years old.

Interested in signing your child up for Waterbabies classes? Here are a few reasons parents and kids love them.

Quality Time

Each Waterbabies class is small, with one teacher and no more than seven babies and their parents or caregivers. Since you join your baby in the water for every class, you get to enjoy some precious bonding time each week. No phones, no work, no chores; it’s a rare opportunity to play and learn together without any other distractions (and both parents and babies love it).

Water Safety

Swimming isn’t just an activity or a sport – it is a valuable life skill. Taking lessons early in life makes swimming second nature for children. Your baby will become acclimated to the water, gradually building their swimming skills and their confidence as they grow older.

Water safety and drowning prevention is a major reason we emphasize the importance of starting swim lessons as soon as possible. A baby as young as 3 months old can learn to reach for the wall and back float independently, and a 1 year old can learn to move and change direction in the pool. These basic skills can save lives in an emergency.

Lifelong Learning

Waterbabies get a head start on a path of fun and learning that lasts a lifetime. You’ll be amazed to see how quickly the time goes: one day, you and your toddler are splashing around in their first Waterbabies class; the next, they’re racing through Swordfish class drills.

And the benefits of swimming go far beyond the pool. Research shows that children who take swim lessons show advanced cognitive and physical development. And swimming is linked to a huge list of health and social benefits that extend well into adulthood.

Interested in our Waterbabies classes? Get more info on class registration – and classes are free for all babies 3 to 5 months old!