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  • Winter Holiday Clinic – Minnow I


    December 26-28

    The TDSS Winter Holiday Clinic includes one 30-minute lesson Tuesday through Thursday between 10 am and 12 pm. The camp will run in the same structured format as our monthly lessons.

    Our second program of levels is Stroke Development. These levels begin to focus on proper head and body position with a strong, consistent kick, and eventually a focus on freestyle and backstroke technique. The final level in the Stroke Development program will introduce breaststroke and butterfly.

    • For children 2 ½ years old to Kindergarten.
    • Learn basic front stroke with simultaneous arm and leg movement while maintaining proper body position in the water.
    • Children are taught to begin to move independently on their back while maintaining proper body position in the water.
    • Basic water safety and breath control skills are taught.
    • A maximum of 4 children will be in the water under the direction of a trained teacher.
    Entry requirements:
    1. Front float with single board – proper body position
    2. Front glide
    3. Back float with noodle – proper body position
    4. Full submersion
    5. Ability to function in a class setting
    Register below to ensure a spot in our Winter Holiday Clinic.
    You can also give our front desk team a call at (703) 433-2020 or send us an email.

    Minnow I
    Winter Holiday Clinic, December 26 – December 28


    Payment must be made at the time of booking to confirm your place in the camp. A credit for the full amount of the camp is given for cancellations made 48 hours prior to the camp start. A credit for 50% is given for cancellations made within 48 hours from the start. No refunds or credits are given for cancellations after the camp has started.
    There is no registration fee.